Let's Discuss: Test Before You Go!

Test Before You Go!

Our Office Hour covers mainly two QA tools, the Autotest and the Dialog Tester.

Find all info on the Autotest here:

Find all info on the Dialog Tester and also a download option for the tool here:

Questions for the Community:

  • How often are you using these tools in your projects?

  • Which features would you like to see added?

  • What other QA tools are you using in your projects?

Please share your experiences!


Hello there! Just wanted to add some more questions to the lovely testing process :slight_smile:

  • Any preferences for each testing tool regarding the different environments?
  • Do you use real users at some point in the process?

I was wondering if there is any way to test output parameters with the Dialog Tester? We populate some of these dynamically and would like to be able to test if they are getting correctly set.

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Thanks, @maiaa , for bringing up this feature idea. Currently only the output node id can be tested as part of the responseā€™s output parameters by means of the Dialog Tester. I will discuss this with our team.
If you have further ideas, feel free to share them here with the Community, always more than welcome! :slight_smile:

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I thought so. Thanks for taking it back to the team, we will look forward to seeing the feature in the Dialog Tester. It will be a really helpful to be able to automate the testing of output parameters as well.

Hi all. In our organizationĀ“s chat bot buttons are being introduced. Is there any way to handle this in Dialog tester?

Hi @kgami_sha ,

great to see you around in the Forum!

If you are using Teneo Web Chat, you can replicate this in your Dialog Tester Excel files by either using the Question column with the corresponding postback value and/or by using the Parameters column if you define Input Parameters within the button creation, depending on your button configuration. The info here under Buttons will help you to set up your test: Teneo Web Chat | Teneo Developers
In case you are using a different frontend, then it will most likely be also use Input Parameters to send over the information around the button click, so your test should still work in a similar way.
Hope that works for you! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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