Initializing sessions with custom input parameters with Dialogue Tester

Hi there, I’m using Dialogue Tester to set up regression tests for several of our systems. We are running into some issues and wondering if anyone else has seen similar behavior or if we’ve perhaps configured something incorrectly.

Our systems require that we set several variables in begin dialog at session start which are set via input parameters.

We are noticing, however, that the tool appears to be sending a dummy empty input to start the session automatically, which has its own default set of parameters.


Is there a setting we can change so that the first input in the spreadsheet initializes the session rather than this dummy input? Alternatively, is the source code available online so we can make the necessary changes?

Hi. Do you just want the DT not to send that legacy empty input (the one with command=login) and keep the session handling as it is now? Or is your requirement more complex than that?

Hi Alexander,

Your first assumption is correct. We want the first input we send in the session to trigger the session start, not the legacy empty input sent by dialogue tester. So in the example above, we would want the input “start” to be t0 and not t1.

Hi @Allison ,

we have released now a new version of the Dialog Tester (3.5.5) which includes your requested feature. By sending the parameter -a you can skip the default login transaction now. Please download the latest version here: Dialog Tester | Teneo Developers