Hyperlinks not working on website with TWC

I currently have a “test” website for Dev/QA testing the new Generative QnA features.

I am relatively new to web development, so this is the first time i have attempted to deploy a bot using raw html/css/js files. When i load the page in GitHub pages or live preview in vscode none of the hyperlinks work. I have narrowed it down to an issue with the TWC on the page, when I remove the TWC code the hyperlinks work.

My previous deployment was on a wordpress website and i did not have any issues like this. I am guessing it has something to do with how the bot is initializing on the page and it is over riding the rest of the pages content. Does anyone have any insight on this.

Here is a link to my repository:

Hi Kendall
I’ve identified the source of the problem: the standard height of the <div> is interfering with the layout of the page and causing issues with the links.
To address this, I suggest adding the following CSS rule to your CSS file:

height: calc(30% - 60px) !important;

This should help to prevent the div from overlapping with the links and causing any further disruptions to the page layout.


that was it - thank you!

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