How do I copy a Solution

Hi, I have a solution and I want to have a number of different variations with different flows and credentials. How do I do thatP

Hi, thank you for your question!

Unfortunately copying full solutions is not enabled for Teneo Developer teams. You can however copy flows between solutions. Like this:

First, use the ‘Search All Solutions’ option (on the Search tab of Teneo Studio) to find the flows, language objects or entities which should be copied. This will search across all the solutions on the server. Once the search has finished, select the item(s) to be copied (to select more than one item, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting) and then drag the item(s) to the folder to which they should be copied. Alternatively, when the item(s) have been selected, click the Home tab to choose the ‘Copy’ option, then navigate to the folder where the item(s) should be located and click ‘Paste’.

If you do prefer to get copies of a full solution, I would be more than happy to help with this. I will send you a direct message with more details.