End of year enhancements and new capabilities!

Teneo closes 2021 with several enhancements and new capabilities!

Teneo has been enhanced with the addition of a script type “Pre-logging” which enables the solution developer to modify the data which will be logged for a session, when the session ends, before it is persisted in any way.
This allows complete control over the data generated by the solution - and control at source. Meaning sensitive data can be removed before it reaches network or disk, removing all possibility of these as attack vectors. This feature can also be used for PII removal/encryption, solution data footprint control, data cleanliness or sanitisation, etc.

Enhanced language coverage with the addition of pre-built knowledge for Bulgarian. See here for an overview of Teneo’s language capabilities.

We have strengthened LUIS^Teneo even further! All classes and training data for Teneo pre-built knowledge is now available in an Microsoft LUIS friendly json format for all 18 languages, allowing an even more streamlined process when building LUIS^Teneo solutions.
Those resources are available to all our existing free trial and enterprise users upon request. If you are not a user yet…Try out Teneo!

Last but not least, Public Studio API has been extended to cover also Integrations, Global Variables, Global Scripted Context, Class manager and Solution History, something that will allow for easy - and even automatable - coverage of many use cases including retrieval of information for release notes or project activity reports.

Existing Free Trials will be updated over the coming weeks. If you want to try out the enhancements straight away simply sign up for a new Free Trial.