Can't add publish environment

I’ve created an published a few solutions and all worked fine. Wanted to try something in a new solution but I cannot add a publish environment to it. Everything is greyed out. Could someone please help?

Hi Clara,

is it possible that you have more than 7 solutions? In the current Sandbox infrastructure we limited the number of publication endpoints to 7.

For a production version of Teneo, you would clearly not have this restriction.

Best wishes,


Actually I have exactly 7 solutions. I created the 7th and went to publish, but it didn’t have the option to do so.

I looked this morning and the new solution had an environment. Could it be there’s a delay?

Anyhow, it’s all sorted now. Thanks for your help.

Hi Clara,

I am glad to hear that the 7th environment finally appeared. Typically new environments should within a few minutes only.

Should you face such a delay again, please inform us, so that our hosting engineers can investigate the problem.



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Good to know. Thanks again!