Add Environment not available

How do I add an Environment? All of the dropdowns are gray. I have a solution I want to start publishing and I’m unable to do that. Are there things to do in the solution before this can happen?


I have 5 total solutions. Only one of them has an environment. This was set up by Teneo.

This is NOT in the sandbox.
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Hi Carolyn (@cwarburton),

great to see you around in the Forum!
The publishing targets need to be created by our SaaS team and the number of available targets depends also on the Pricing Plan you have chosen. You can check the details here Teneo from Artificial Solutions - Pricing under Compare Plans.
I’ve notified our Customer Success team that you would like to create an additional publishing target, and somebody from our team will reach out directly to you very soon. :slight_smile:

Wishing you a nice weekend,