Tryout says there are 2655 warnings

I created a new solution and in tryout it says there are many warnings, like this one:

3/10/2020 10:28:10 AM [Warning]: Flow [The user doesn’t like it (the joke) - Same folder context] (ID=b05c29b0-3923-4248-b6ee-a7b5558ecf0a): Trigger [The user doesn’t like it [the joke]] (ID=d6e7c4a6-f8e0-4125-85b6-1f30309c47ad): Condition uses undefined language object: BORING.ADJV.SYN

How can I get rid of them or can I just ignore them?

Hi Marcus - that’s an extreme amount of warnings. Usually something like that means that a solution resource is missing - in this case the Teneo Lexical Resources. It’s always important to link this in as one of your solution resources when creating a new solution. In this case it’s especially noticeable since your solution uses the Teneo Dialogue Resource which in turn has numerous TLR references.

After opening your solution, go to the Solutions tab -> Resources -> Lexical. This is where you can assign resources to your solution. There’s a more detailed description here:

Thanks! That solved it.

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Glad to have helped!