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Wonder what the best way to use system message in combination with quickreplies? As what I could read out of the documentation, system message is not supported when using combo_order for output parameters.

Does it need to be done from frontend, to display a system message if wanted under quickreplies? The use case is that we only want this in one specific flow, so would be very nice if it was possible in a simple way, as it is if we do not have quickreplies. Do you have any tip of how this could be done?

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Hi Fanny,

If I understand it correctly, you first want to display the quickreplies and then below the system message. Is that correct? What is the purpose of the system message?

It is correct that system messages cannot be included in a combo message, so you would need to look for alternative ways of achieving your goals. If you could briefly explain what you want to achieve with the system message, then we can better help think of ideas.


Hi Britta,

Thank you for reply.

One example could be if we have a question that asks if the user did get the question answered (and user can reply with a quickreply “Yes” or “No”).
And under this question (and quickreplies) we would like to have the system message, saying something like “If you need more information please type below”.

So we only would like to have the system message in a specific flow and in specific outputs, just like you can use the system message if we do not have other output parameters.

Thank you advance.

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Hi Fanny,

I see two options:

  • one would be that you extend the combo message functionality to allow combos with system messages. This would be a custom extension of the Teneo Web Chat code that you are free to add.
  • another option would be to add a quickreply button for “Ask another question” which leads to a response that prompts the user to ask the next question. From a UX perspective, this is of course less ideal, but it would allow you to achieve the effect with the current message types if extending the Teneo Web Chat code is not an option.

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Thank you Britta!

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