LUIS^Teneo section & Automation Anywhere and Power Automate Backend Connector

We’ve updated our Developers page with a couple of new things,

Firstly, a new Getting Started with LUIS^Teneo. As the name suggests, it is a LUIS^Teneo version of our original Getting Started pages where users can follow these pages to start their LUIS^Teneo journey.

The section includes,

  • LUIS^Teneo
  • Luis^Teneo in 10 minutes
  • Working with LUIS^Teneo
  • Your First LUIS^Teneo solution
  • Add a new LUIS intent
  • Transitions
  • Update a LUIS Intent
  • LUIS Entities
  • How to use LUIS entities
  • Skip conditions
  • Handle Interruptions
  • Deal with Follow-Ups

LUIS^Teneo can be found here: LUIS^Teneo in 10 minutes | Teneo Developers

We have also added two new Backend Connectors for the following:

  • Automation Anywhere
  • Power Automate

The connectors can be found here: Resources | Teneo Developers