Customize ML model

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Is there any possibility to customize ML model in Teneo?

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Hi @sc_chatbot ,

the parameters of the Teneo Classifier cannot be modified.
You can improve and measure the performance of your ML model though via the Optimization and Class Performance panels.

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Thanks for answering.
Is it possible to swap the whole ML model with a new model I build?

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If you can make your ML model available as a service, then you could use it similar to our LUIS^Teneo approach - would that work for you?
Another option might be to upload your model as a Resource File and call it from there (depending on how it is stored and how it can be called).
Please note that in both cases you would not really replace/swap the Teneo Classifier model, but rather add an additional ML model to your solution, and make use of the latter.

Thanks for the answers.

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Sure, no problem. Let us know how the journey goes with your ML model :slight_smile: