In relation to updated Generative QnA Solution Template

Hello AS team,

In relation to this announcement could you advise about the following:

  • how to update an already existing GenAI Teneo solution with the latest version of Generative QnA?
  • how to update search API version used for the search index (coming from the github repo with Streamlit web app UI used for document processing)?
  • how to enable Hybrid Search and Semantic Ranker?
  • would you update the Gen QnA guide with latest changes?


Hi Joro,

the update inside your current solution should be pretty straight forward.
The Cognitive Search groovy code will now be called Azure AI Search client, since Microsoft renamed the service - and inside you will find a new method for Hybrid Search and Semantic Ranker. The PDF file inside the Generative QnA Solution is also updated with the latest info.
There will also be a new Integration method for the Hybrid Search and Semantic Ranker, and a flow for the communication with those.

You should soon have the new Generative QnA Template available on your SaaS environment - once that’s the case, take a look if all is clear to you and if there are any doubts, please reach out to me a moment, and I’m happy to look into those with you then :slight_smile:


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