A new Teneo Version 7.3.0

We are excited to announce the release of Teneo 7.3 on Developers. From today, you’re able to access the latest feature updates and enhancements that we have made on Teneo. Highlights include:

Teneo Generative QnA

Teneo 7.3 makes it easier than ever to combine OpenAI services with the power of Teneo and deliver your Teneo Generative QnA. You are in control when building applications that generates answers using Large Language Models (LLMs) from a custom-controlled source of information.

Native CLU

Teneo brings Microsoft’s Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) even closer to Studio developers with the possibility to create and maintain CLU intent models directly in Teneo Studio.

Release notes can be found here - Teneo 7.3 | Reference documentation | Teneo Developers

In addition a number of pages has been updated:

Generative AI


Reference documentation