Edit a Language Object


I would like to edit the %YES.PHR that comes together with my solution to target more words than it currently does. But I cannot find a ‘Edit’ button, could you please help?


Hi nuser, welcome to the forum.

The Language Object, %YES.PHR is a part of the Teneo Lexical Resources (TLR), Lexical resources | Teneo Developers and can therefore not be edited in your solution.

It is possible to overwrite the TLR Language Objects by creating a project-specific Language Object with the exact same name. However, my recommendation to you would be to create a project-specific Language Object where the name has the project prefix to distinguish what has been created for the project and what comes from the TLR.

This is mainly because overwriting a current language object will apply to all conditions that make use of this TLR Language Object.

Please see Create your own language objects | Teneo Developers for more tips around this topic.