Create a feedback (rate bot) UI element for TWC

Hello community :slight_smile:

I am looking for advice how we can collect user feedback (users rating the bot) in a neat, single output form in TWC?
Probably an output message type could be the solution, similar to form or combo types, but such dedciated to collecting feedback is not available.

The idea is to be as minimalistic as possible so we do not annoy users, and we aim for higher response rate.

As an example of such neat feedback approach I am placing here a screen shot from Revolut chat feedback, where in general:

  • emojis collect user overall emotional experience, and could be mapped to the 10-th grade scale of TNPS methodology;
  • buttons are taking predefined categories of areas for improvement or satisfaction (might be different based on emoji selection)
  • text field for free-hand feedback

It would be great to know your thoughts.
I feel such functionality is fundamentally missing in Teneo platform (faces or stars rating scale, etc.), although basic feedback could be collected via simple dedicated flows.

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Hi Georgi,

Thanks for posting your question on the Forum.

Yes, we’ve seen the use-case and it’s a popular request. We will therefore add it as an accepted feature for planned development on web-chat and will keep you updated as we move on it.

For now an option could be using buttons and placing an emoji as a value.