Cannot assign German language resources

I was trying to create a German solution from the German Dialogue Resource Template. The solution was created, I got a lot of warnings, but when I tried to get rid of these warnings by assigning German language resources, I found that from the drop-down menu, only English resources are available. How can I add the German resources to this solution? I am confused :frowning:

Thankful for any hints!


I’m sorry you’re having trouble creating a German solution. From what you describe I think I know what happened. When you create a solution, you have to select the solution language from the dropdown list on the left. The default is English. This setting decides which language resources you will see.

If you try and recreate your solution with language set to German, you should then be able to add the German resources.

I checked and that was indeed the problem. Now in the new solution, I can see the German language resources. Thanks Fred!

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