Webinar | The Power of Bot Localization: Going Beyond Translation | Recording now available

Conversational design for rapid global rollouts, done in multiple languages is an enigma. Most conversational AI initiatives are unconnected and cant roll out new functionality or new markets instantly. We can.
With Teneo it is possible to have an original version in one language, and be able to launch another, typically reusing about 80% of the original build with no need to start from scratch. For example, the specific language structures and models for an English-speaking Company can be easily ported to operations in Poland, Sweden, Russia, or Japan.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
• Is translation the best option when adding another language to my solution?
• How and when should I localize solutions?
• How do I maximize the use of resources as the solution grows?

Recording available upon registration, The Power of Bot Localization: Going Beyond Translation