Teneo and speech

Teneo is designed to only handle textual inputs. However, you may use third party speech solutions if you want to add speech processing to your bot. Consider for example the speech to text api’s that come with iOS or Android or Google’s web speech api.

Hi , I hope all of you are safe.
I’m currently using the Leopard UI to activate the ASR and TTS.
I would like to know if there is information of how to play back values in a specific format.
For Example : Your order number 48909.
If order number is a value coming from an API, we need TTS the value as a single digit but its been played back as number.

How can we specify the TTS format in Teneo?

Thank you for your help.

I believe the Leopard UI makes use of the TTS capabilities that come with Chrome. I think Chrome TTS does not support the use of SSML tags that one would normally use for specific pronunciation markup.

Leopard UI does however allow you to use an output parameter tts in which you can add strings that are optimized for TTS. You will then have to make sure yourself that the order number is formatted in such a way that the TTS will pronounce it the way you prefer (perhaps by adding spaces between the numbers).

More details about the TTS override param in Leopard UI here: https://jolzee.gitbook.io/leopard/configuration/asr-and-tts#tts-override

The Leopard UI can use either the TTS capabilities in Chrome or it can use Amazon Polly voices for TTS. When using the Polly voices you can send back SSML. So both TTS configs you can choose various voices. Although the voices through Polly are far more natural. To control the Polly voices on a per response basis you can send a TTS response parameter voice=Ruben. Although all the other voices can be set in Leopard’s default config.

ASR and TTS in Leopard