Need to pass a parameter from Teneo Web Ui and read it from Teneo Engine

HI All,
I am trying to pass an parameter to Teneo using the Teneo Web Ui chat

Now from the Teneo Engine on the preprocessing script I want to read

if (engineEnvironment.getParameter(‘Role’)) {
rolename= engineEnvironment.getParameter(‘Role’)

Hi @umeshkarthik007,

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What is the issue you are seeing? Is the variable not populating when you get the parameter?

The page Store Input Parameters contains guidance on how to store input parameters, have you seen this one?

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Hi There,
yes the variable is not populating when i get the parameter. Also need to verify whether my code to set the variable os correct or not. Below is my code to set the variable

Also I am trying to achieve this using Leopard.js(Old chat Ui For Teneo)

Hi Umesh,

As we previously discussed via email, you confirmed that populating the variables using Teneo Web Chat and also Leopard as working correctly. So happy to hear this was solved.

Regarding Leopard.js, bear in mind that this resource is some years old, and we have no formal support on this opensource element. You can consult the documentation for further exploration

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Thanks Sofia

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