Multiple channels - cross device

Hello everyone,
I am new with Teneo and I see a text in teneo website:
“Teneo lets your customers switch between channels mid-conversation and then continue just as if nothing had happened. Teneo is smart enough to remember everything, including the context.”
I wonder how Teneo can do that? Suppose I use web chat and then I switch to mobile app (without login so Teneo can’t know my identification/info), how Teneo know it is me who use web chat and Mobile app, so can map and continue the previsous unfinished conversation?
Anyone can help me to clear this case?
Thanks a lot.

Hello Phucdh, welcome to the Forum!

Teneo has a lot of different Channels | Teneo Developers connectors which makes it possible for you to speak with the software, independent from the tool you’re using(phone/computer). Teneo can retrieve and store valuable information inside Global variables | Teneo Developers that can later be used inside a flow.
You will indeed need to identify yourself for Teneo to know who its speaking to for this to be possible.

If you feel this is a valuable use case for your company we might want to reach out for a meeting and showcase this.

Please let me know how you feel and if you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to help!