Method to do relative date range other than default

Is there a way to make date range relative like s.beginTime==in{“Now-15d”…“Now-2d”} or s.beginTime==in{“Now-15d/13d”},? neither which work. :melting_face:

Hi Dawn,

great to see you around in the Teneo Community! You can try this constraint:
Hope this can help!


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Thank You! This does help me out quite a bit! I have to go back an extra day and cut the date/time through midnight of the 1st date to get beginning of day entries for my actual start date since Now is midnight. Totally workable - stating this for others who are excited to find your example and planning to take advantage of it. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to share!

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After a little more research, I discovered the correct syntax for what I want to do is to also

  • add a day specifier (/d) to the begin & end specifiers;
  • for the end specifier to use the operators less-than (<); and
  • to change the end specifier to the next day.
    For example, to get all the data from 8 days ago through yesterday:
    s.beginTime >= {“now-8d/d”}, s.beginTime < {“now-0d/d”}
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Thanks for sharing your findings with the rest of the Community, Dawn! Much appreciated :slight_smile: