Learning Journeys - New Online Training Resources

One of the ways our Teneo Developers can learn how to make the most of our platform is via self-learning through our Learning Journeys. Today we are happy to announce that our Learning Journeys have seen the light on Teneo Developers.

The developer can go on three journeys:

  • Take off: A Bird’s Eye View of Teneo
    – A high-level introduction to the Teneo Platform and the development cycle
  • Feathered Foundations: Teneo Fundamentals
    – Setting the ground for building conversational experiences with Teneo
  • Avian Ascend: Advanced Teneo Techniques
    – Build, deploy and improve sophisticated conversational applications, on any channel, in any language

You can find all the learning journeys here: Learning Journeys

The journeys are based on our already existing content on Teneo Developers, and the learner is guided through the content in a structured and progressive way, making sure that the knowledge about Conversational AI and Teneo is gradually built up.