Export solution from High verision of Teneo sandbox to low version of Teneo studio Env

I would like to export solution from my sandbox and import it to my own env. Sandbox is in the version of 7 but my env is in the version of 6. So the migration work failed.
How is it possible to migrate a solution from a high version of studio to a low version of studio.

We didn’t upgrade our teneo env to version 7now because we are preparing to move to saas env soon, so we think it might be good to upgrade it after we moving to SAAS.

Thanks in advance

Hi @sc_chatbot,

you can only import solutions into the same or a higher version of Teneo, e.g. a Teneo 6 solution into Teneo 7 - not the other way around. So, once upgraded and/or on SaaS, you can import all your Sandbox contents into your environment.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply.
But do we need to upgrade Teneo env to 7 in order to migrate to SAAS?

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Hi @sc_chatbot ,

it’s not a requirement for you to update your environment to Teneo 7 before migrating to SaaS. Your Customer Success Manager will keep in touch with you around this process and explain you all the details :slight_smile: