Creating context that excludes class trigger from autotest

Exclude Triggers from autotest through context - possible?

So as those of you who worked with Class Trigger probably have noticed, there is an option to exclude them from autotest. (why would you do it? - If you have a pure syntax trigger linked to Class trigger it’s positive examples will be true but trow a lot of error for the class trigger, therefore We are excluding them from autotests but instead checking the hybrid triggers (if used)).

Even if the option is there and you can now successfully run your autotests once you edit the flow the slider will be back and the class trigger will once again be included in autotests. It makes it difficult to use the optimization tool for adding positive examples to a lot of different flows ( as you afterwards need to go in manually in each flow and set autotest to off) or if you just want to change a text output you will need to remember to turn the autotests off.

Having a scripted contex “Exclude from autotests” to assign to a Class Trigger would solve the problem and you would not need to care about it anymore. Is it possible to solve the problem by that workaround or do you have any other input?

Thank you!

Hi @Stasysha, I checked internally and this is indeed a known issue. When you exclude a trigger from autotest, it will be included as soon as you edit it’s flow. Sadly we don’t have a workaround for this as far as I am aware, also not with scripted contexts. It will however be solved in the next major release of Teneo.

Some suggestions, although they are not very elegant…

One possible workaround could be organize your flows in folders in such a way that you can run your autotest only on a particular folder (and it’s subfolders).

Another idea could perhaps be to remove all example inputs form the class trigger that has a linked syntax trigger and add those inputs to the linked syntax trigger. However, that would mean once you add an example using the optimization tool, you would again have to go back into the flow and move the example input.

Thank you @lucas . When is planned release date for the next major Teneo upgrade? :grinning:

To run autotests on a specific folder is not an option as we are always using the combination of syn / class trigger and currently do not allow the class to do much. We need to make sure the model is accurate / well trained first.

To move the examples into syntax trigger would mean you need to write a condition to match those :roll_eyes: for them not to bed red. And that’s not always time-effective(for the more complicated inputs but as you say it would work for a simple ones).

Another frustrating thing is that when you have a positive example “hello” in a syntax trigger linked to a class trigger you will still see it as a suggestion in optimization view. I.e. until you put that exact user input as positive into class trigger it will come up as a suggestion in optimization view.

That might be a bit off topic, thank you for the feedback!