Adding output ids to the engine response

Having access to the output node’s ids (otherwise known as output ids) can be quite useful when, for example, testing a chatbot. If a chatbot has multiple answer variations, you can evaluate the response based on its output id instead of every answer text variation.

The following post-processing script will add an output parameter with the output id’s to Teneo’s engine response:

    def list = _.processingPath.findAll{it.type=="output" && !it.skipped}.vertexId

    def outputIds = list.toString()

    if (outputIds) outputIds = outputIds.substring(1,outputIds.length()-1)

    if(_.getApplicationName() != 'app') {

The script works like this:

  • A user traverses an output node
  • The script takes the output id of that node and adds it as an output parameter
  • The output id is then available in the published engine response

Since the output id is available, we can evaluate the bot’s response in a chatbot testing tool, like Botium!