Webinar | Setting up your business for Conversational AI Success | Recording now available

Conversational AI is no longer a complex, unattainable technology that only a few companies know how to implement. The increase of low-code and graphical interfaces in the market has pushed companies to start taking ownership and developing their own Conversational AI solutions in-house, instead of purely relying on technology providers. Therefore, the demand for insights into how to ensure that the right profiles are picked to guarantee team productivity and project scalability growths has surged.
As your company prepares to embark on this journey, how do you ensure that your organization is ready for Conversational AI Success? Join our webinar to find out!

In this session, Hans van Dam, founder of the Conversational Design Institute, and Joaquim Bargalló, Director of Customer Success at Artificial Solutions, will share their experience training and building teams to support the development and deployment of chatbots, and describe where companies should focus their attention to ensure the success of a project.

Other topics covered during this webinar are:

  • Picking the right business case and tool for your company.
  • Putting together your AI-Team: where to start, how to scale and what to look for when hiring?
  • Examples of successful deployments

Recording available at this link -: Setting up your business for Conversational AI Success