Webinar | Leveraging Conversational Data to boost your business | Recording now available

For better or worse, the COVID pandemic has pushed users and companies to engage primarily through digital channels. After a year that brought digital transformation to the top of the list for many businesses, users have grown accustomed to self-service solutions and expect companies to provide them services and support 24/7.
How can companies take advantage of this behavioural shift in users? Valuable customer data resides in these day-to-day conversations between users and self-service solutions. Conversational data provides insights into customer behaviour and sentiment in real-time. Not only can it help you recognise emerging trends faster, but it opens opportunities to engage with new and existing customers beyond the typical online surveys and focus groups.
Join us as we discover the value of conversational data with Tim Bartz, EMEA Presales Consultant at Artificial Solutions. He’ll be showing us:

  • The Teneo Platform’s features, including real-time access to conversational data both within the platform itself as well as via your existing BI tools like PowerBI and Tableau;
  • The breadth and depth of data available when customers are allowed to express themselves in natural, everyday language, and;
  • How to find new or unexpected trends with conversational data, especially in a post-COVID world

Recording available at: Leveraging Conversational Data to boost your business