Migration of your solution from Teneo 5 to Teneo 6

Migration of your solution from Teneo 5 to Teneo 6

Importing your Teneo 5 solution into Teneo 6 is a very easy task thanks to its native Import functionality. The following guidelines walk you through the import process step by step:

Step 1: Export your solution from Teneo 5

Open the solution in Teneo 5 Studio and choose Solution >> Import/Export >> Export. Export the solution as “.solution” file:

Step 2: Import your solution into Teneo 6

Open your Teneo 6 Studio, click “+New” button on top right and choose “Create from imported file”. Alternatively, you can achieve this by selecting Import/Export >> Import Solution. Select then the solution file you just exported from Teneo 5. Select the language of the solution and click “OK” to start the import process. It will take you a few minutes to import your solution, depending on the size of the solution file. After the completion of the import process, you will see your solution available in your Teneo 6 Studio.

Step 3: Do a quick health check

After importing your solution into Teneo 6, we recommend to do a quick health check to see if all works as it should. First of all, you need to assign the corresponding Teneo Lexical Resources (TLR). Go to Solution >> Resources >> Lexical, click on “Edit” at top right corner and choose the TLR of the corresponding language.

Click “Save” at top right corner to save the change. Then you need to check several things in the solution:

  • Check if there are any warnings in the Tryout after an engine reload.
  • Check if the trigger ordering is the same as in the original solution in Teneo 5.
  • Check if the auto-test result is the same as in the original solution in Teneo 5.

If everything is fine, you can create a publish environment in order to publish your Teneo 6 solution.

Info: Migration of the Machine Learning model

As you may have already noticed, in Teneo 6 there are no Class Triggers but a Class Manager which controls all classes and training examples. When you import your solution into Teneo 6, Studio will automatically collect all training examples of all class triggers into the Class Manager, and the former Class Triggers will be converted to Intent Triggers with a class match requirement. For example, this class trigger in Teneo 5

will be converted to the following trigger in Teneo 6:

You can find the class “GLOSSARY” and its training examples in the Class Manager.

Info: Migration of Master/Local solutions

If you need to migrate a Master solution together with its local branches from Teneo 5 to Teneo 6, here are some tips for you:

  • Migrate first the Master solution following the three steps above.

  • Export the local branch solution as Step 1 shows. Then instead of directly importing it into Teneo 6, click on the Master solution in the solutions panel and choose “Branch” on the top right corner. Choose “Import additional content from file” and select the local branch solutions you exported from Teneo 5.

  • Select the language of the local solution and click the “OK” button to start importing.

  • After the local branch solution is imported to Teneo 6, do the quick health check as Step 3 shows. Please also check if the localized contents like language conditions, output texts and training examples are in the correct language.

Info: Migration of Groovy scripts

Please note that Teneo’s Tech Stack has been updated with the Teneo 6 release, which includes an update of its Groovy version to 3.0.7.

This change can have an impact on backwards compatibility for solution scripts, please find here more detailed information: Document

It is recommended to test all your scripts as part of the migration process to ensure full functionality.

We hope you found this article useful, feel free to ask here any questions you might have on the migration process!