Zoom is stuck on condition

I have an issue with the zoom being stuck on “condition” and other similar fields, like tryout etc.
Usually I can make the text smaller or bigger but now it’s just stuck in the same big text…
And I can not get it smaller, I’ve tried all the usual commandos like ctrl+scroll or ctrl+ -/+ or ctrl+alt+scroll /home/up/down/minus/plus etc etc but it’s stuck in the same large text.

When I try ctrl+scroll it just scrolls upp and down in the meny, it does nothing to the text…

I feel really stupid for asking this question 'cause it seems like a easy fix.
Let me know if anyone has had the same and knows a fix for it.

The zoom functionality in Studio desktop is connected across documents, so if you have problems to get the zoom to work in the flow for some reason, try instead to place the cursor in a different document, for example the syntax of a Language object, the training data of a class or an entry of an entity. Or place the cursor on a message in Tryout or in trigger ordering. Then try to zoom in or out with ctrl + rolling on mouse wheel.

I hope this solves the problem, if not, let me know
Regards Lina

Hi, thanks for your answer.
Though nothing acutally did work, it did go back to normal in a few days and a few computer restarts later. Very annoying as long as it lasted.
Thanks, Roxanne